If it's more expensive it has to be better... It's an easy trap to fall into, but that's not always the case.

We encourage you to do a few minutes of research to see how Precision Pro compares.

We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And it might even save you a whole lot of money.

When you strip away the names, logos and fancy proprietary feature labels, the Precision Pro Golf NX7 and NX7 Pro Slope offer the same features and same quality - but at a substantially

BUSHNELL is arguably the most recognized name in rangefinders. They've been around for the better part of seven decades establishing a dominant market presence without any real competitors which could offer but at a lower price.

Today that's no longer the case. We're here.

Precision Pro Golf delivers the same features that golfers have grown to rely upon, but at a lower price with better customer service.

BUSHNELL has three primary factors causing their higher price tag. directly improve performance

Complex Operations

Bushnell is a subsidiary of a multinational conglomerate. These companies have higher overhead costs and use the extra money you pay towards subsidizing the costs associated with running a larger and more complex operation. Precision Pro Golf, on the other hand, keeps overhead low and focuses on delivering the best value for the lowest price.


At some point, consumers stop paying for product performance and innovation and begin bankrolling the marketing department’s budget. Bushnell bills itself as “The Undisputed #1 Rangefinder in Golf.” (Well, we’re here to dispute that claim.) Like many other products on tour, these designations are not always earned on merit alone– they’re purchased.

False Truths

Companies have conditioned consumers to believe it is necessary to spend $400 or $500 on a quality rangefinder. Over the past decade, Bushnell has continually raised prices, and without a viable alternative, golfers have had no choice but to overpay. The truth is that no one needs to pay that much for a rangefinder ever again.

Every company has a customer service department, but for us, ensuring that each and every customer has a positive experience is the hallmark of how we operate. Our rangefinders provide -- but our commitment to each and every customer doesn't stop there.

The Precision Care Package was instituted for

Other companies simply cannot match this level of customer service.

Any company can give you exactly what you paid for. Our goal is to give you more than that. We think that makes us pretty special, but don't take our word for it -- See what others have to say:

NX9 HD Slope




NX7 Pro Slope








There you have it.

Real golfers are choosing Precision Pro Golf rangefinders. For the quality, the customer care and the savings. Our hope is that you take the money you save by purchasing an NX7 or NX7 Pro Slope and play a few more rounds, buy a new wedge or take a couple lessons